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Thermal Imaging Radar

European Distributor of TIR

Thermal Radar Imaging TECHNOLOGIES.

One 360° degree Thermal Imaging Radar unit can cover the same ground as 20 cameras

Thermal Radar’s rotating LWIR Thermal Sensor creates a near real time, continuously updating 360° panoramic image at up to 5Mp in size. Rotating at speeds as fast as 60 RPM this incredible thermal imaging camera stitches together a composite image of up to 16 “virtual” thermal cameras creating it’s trademark 360° FOV.

The powerful, onboard analytics can detect intrusions and/ or high temperature events and send those alerts via email or SMS using Wi-Fi, GSM cellular, or even the Iridium Satellite network. Designed to provide years of trouble free service virtually anywhere in the world, this compact and rugged unit is temperature rated from -40°C to +65°C.


FULLY SELF CONTAINED SOLUTIONThermal Radar operates as a fully self contained unit providing it’s own power, communications, connectivity, analytics and alert monitoring. You can literally take it anywhere a 4×4 can go and deploy it in minutes.

POWERFUL ONBOARD video analyticsSimple, easy to use analytics allow the user to quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° FOV.

Highly Flexible Alert PlatformOnce an alert has been identified by the analytics, Thermal Radar has the ability to send these event notifications along with coordinates and JPEG images via SMS, Wi-FI, Ethernet, Cellular, Satellite or even prerecorded phone messages. Vary the alert notifications by time of day, day of week, person, alert category, group, etc. Send only what you want to whom you want, when you want it.

Completely UndetectableUnlike Radar or other active surveillance systems, Thermal Radar is a completely passive thermal detection system, rendering it invisible and impossible to detect.

ADVANCED Weather SystemThermal heat seeking Cameras have long since demonstrated their ability to penetrate dust storms, fog, smoke and complete darkness. No lights, emitters or other devices are required. This heat detection camera sees the same image day or night without any assistance or support.

COST EFFECTIVEThermal Radar’s unique ability to multiply the power and capability of a single thermal sensor to do the work of 16 separate sensors allows it to provide cost effective blanket thermal coverage to any site, making it a great thermal camera security option.

Rugged and ReliableAll components, including the entire rotating assembly, are completely protected from the elements inside a sealed enclosure. No rotating seals to fail, no more sandblasted lenses, no more fogged out images are just a few of the advantages of Thermal Radar’s unique design.

Lightweight and PortableThermal Radar detection devices tip the scales at less than four pounds. When combined with it’s optional, portable, aluminium tower, Thermal Radar can be easily towed to any site with a conventional 4×4 and deployed 30 feet in the air in minutes. No supporting infrastructure required. This combination is completely self contained.


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