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Remote Surveillance provide purpose-built security systems for the Transmission Market.

Designed to complement our WATCHMAN Unit, our SENTRY has been built to respond to our customers need to monitor smaller and more localised areas, whilst delivering the same high level of protection required. More importantly, weekly rental charges are up to 75% more cost effective than 24/7 Manned Guarding. Remote Surveillance’s all weather Multi-Terrain Radar combined with a Rugged PTZ Camera creates a 360° Radar solution capable of providing a low-cost intruder detection system to protect people, vulnerable infrastructure or high value assets where secure perimeters needs to be established or maintained. The Radar unit incorporates innovative and advanced signal processing using proven microwave technology that allows the unit to learn about the environment it operates within.

The powerful onboard system links to the Rugged PTZ Camera to identify areas of interest and/or intrusion where evidential data and footage is captured and relayed to our Monitoring Station for analysis and response as required.

Features and Benefits:

  • A Fully Self-Powered, Self-Contained Surveillance System – Powered by 3 x 250-Watt Solar Panels allowing the SENTRY to run in remote locations 24/7 with a ZERO CARBON footprint. This also allows our unique system to be installed and function autonomously in all environments and easily re-located as required
  • Rapidly Deployment – System can be installed and live on site within 30 minutes with a footprint of just 3m (Base Width) x 2m (Base Height) x 4m (Deployed Height)
  • 360° Sweep and Detection – FMICW Radar Technology has complete 360° visibility and can detect intrusion/person/vehicle at a range of up to 200m radius to target. PTZ Camera with White light (effective to 100m) and IR Lamps (effective to 120m) with Facial Recognition achieved at up to 50m.
  • Full Public-Address system – LIVE control room audio broadcast to intruders on site.
  • Lighting: On board WHITE LIGHT and IR LAMPS for additional protection and identification.
  • Communications: 4G, 3G, HSCSD, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPDA, SATELITE: – all supported via suitable system interface linking the system to our 24/7 Control Room
  • Operational Environment: -40° to + 55°, with 5-95% Non-Condensing Humidity Range.

Applications include:

Construction Sites | Substations | Power Stations | Railway Infrastructure | Power Transmission | Utility Asset Protection | Storage Yards | Commercial Properties | Temporary Works | Highways