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Utility Services

Remote Surveillance specialises in the transmission sector and provides a unique package that caters to all of the client’s security requirements.

Our security solution will cover every aspect of the project including the main yard, all sites/towers and also the team that will respond to any security threats.


The main yard will be covered by one of our highly trained security guards but what separates us from all other transmission security companies is how we can provide assurances of the following items.

  • Uniform


  • Time Keeping

    Time Keeping

  • Paperwork


  • Vigilance


We provide free of charge a high definition camera that is situated inside the main cabin where the guard will be based. The guard will use this camera to book on where our highly trained controllers will check the guard’s appearance to ensure they adhere to our strict dress code.

At many random points throughout the shift the guard will be checked by a controller, firstly to comply with lone worker regulations and also to ensure they are complying with our strict code of conduct.

All paper work that is completed will be transmitted back at the end of their shift using the high definition camera.

We believe that this camera system provides a much better solution to telephone booking on schemes as the guard is not aware of when he will be checked ensuring that he meets the high requirements at all times.


All sites away from the main yard will be covered by one of our bespoke sentry units that have been specifically designed to be used within the transmission industry.

These sentry units incorporate a lighting tower with a specially designed camera system that provides full protection of our client’s assets.


We also provide the patrolling guard that will do a patrol of all sites in the project, and will also respond to any alerts we have from any of the sentry units.

The patrolling guard will start their shift in the main yard where they will use the same book on process as the guard situated there. This is to ensure that our patrolling guards have in their possession everything that is required for them to complete their shift including:

  • Full PPE

    Full PPE

  • Torch


  • Hands Free Kit

    Hands Free Kit

Throughout their shift our patrolling guards will be required to go to the sentry sites to ensure that they are alarming as they should and to also provide a visual check in.