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Managed Services

Remote Surveillance can provide a solution to combat the rising threat of intruders at your premises by installing a security camera system that is tailored to your site and is monitored by a camera monitoring station.

We aim to offer full protection of your business with the latest detection equipment. Following a detailed site survey, our technical team design, develop and install a detection system we believe is best suited to ensure full protection of your business property. Remote Surveillance will take full responsibility for system selection, design and upgrading so the technology will never become redundant. You would have no up-front cost to install the equipment and therefore no outlay or risk.

…will monitor your premises 24 hours a day, preventing crimes before they can take place…In comparison security guards are extremely costly, cannot realistically protect entire premises and may be vulnerable to fatigue, intimidation or corruption. With the Remote Surveillance system installed the premises will have a security system that never rests, is always alert and active and doesn’t take a break. Every surveillance camera installed on the site acts like an independent security guard without the intimidating physical presence of a security person. Controllers in an accredited alarm receiving centre will continuously monitor your premises 24 hours a day, preventing crimes before they can take place, by issuing live personalised audio warnings to intruders.


Utilising the latest technology, Remote Surveillance will provide a cost effective, accountable monitored, video surveillance alarm system for any premises on a Managed Service basis for an agreed fixed daily fee. This fee will include the following:

  • Monitoring service outside normal business hours
  • Lifetime warranty and servicing on all equipment
  • Free software updates as they become available
  • Future proof – your equipment will be replaced at no cost

The Remote Surveillance Managed Security Service fixed daily fee allow the customer to budget ahead providing them with assurance of the definitive costs that are involved. This Managed Service model makes us unique as there is:

  • No upfront capital outlay
  • One fixed daily fee
  • No hidden costs
  • Total Tax efficiency
  • Cameras recognized by all leading insurance providers


The Remote Surveillance system offers substantial cost savings as compared to traditional Security Guards as shown in the diagram below.