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Construction Site Security

3mp HD bullet AvigilonStatistics show that 21% of construction sites experience some form of theft every week and an incredible 92% are affected monthly or yearly. This leads to the construction industry experiencing losses of £400 million a year due to theft or vandalism, making effective construction site security vital.

Starting from £199. 21% of construction sites experience some form of theft every weekend an incredible 92% are affected monthly or yearly…Remote Surveillance can provide a solution to combat this rising threat by installing an outdoor security camera system that is tailored to your site and is monitored by a monitoring station.

The system will allow it to be automatically disarmed during normal working hours and then armed outside of these hours. If one of the highly trained controllers receives an alert they will automatically give an audio warning before contacting a key holder to ascertain whether it is a genuine threat. They will also gather as much evidence as possible including detailed descriptions and vehicle registrations.


The process for having a construction site surveillance system installed is very simple.

1The first step is one of our highly trained assessors visiting the client’s site to do a detailed assessment and to discuss their building site security requirements. This would include detailing areas that they feel are high risk and also any entry points for potential criminals.

2The second step is a technical engineer will design a building site CCTV security camera system that will follow the requirements set out by the assessor. It will be designed to work with structures already in place and all cabling will safely secured to high health and safety specifications. This design will include full perimeter coverage making it near on impossible for anyone to access the site without alarming our cameras.

3The third step is camera installation, once the security system is in place the engineer will make it live and do a full testing procedure with the control room to ensure that it is functioning, as it should.

The system is very dynamic and means that if the site is to be left empty during normal working hours, a quick call to us and the construction site camera system can be activated to ensure that the site is covered whenever needed.